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Your Tired Old Shoes Into Something Spectacular!

Sometimes, the only shoes you have total trust in are your oldest and comfiest pair, they are most commonly called upon for celebrations, unplanned dance-floor boogies and for formal events. No other shoes will fit the bill because you can trust these ones not to rub, cause you pain and most importantly, to see you through the night!


If only you could wear them on your wedding day? 

Now.... YOU CAN!

Let us transform your tired old shoes into something spectacular!

Covering your shoes with rhinestones and hand painting the sole of the shoe to create a fresh new, look can totally transform them!! There are many techniques we can use to breathe new life into your shoes, all you need to do is send us a picture of them and give us a little information about your outfit, colour schemes and themes, we can then give you a detailed consultation that will explain how your shoes can be customised, in some cases we draw the design of the shoes so that it is easier for you to imagine!

The next step would be to package up your trusty shoes and post them to us, it really is as simple as that!




Here are the same pair of shoes, completely transformed!

What would your new glass slippers look like?

Transform My Shoes!

See more transformations on TikTok!

Please note all custom created shoes are non refundable

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